dsc_4265Invitation to All

Ford Street Church is for all people. We invite everyone to be a part of our church community and to share in our Christian faith. We embrace differences and support each individual’s story as we stand united in Jesus Christ. Being part of our church doesn’t mean that we all think or act the same, it means we encourage each other as we grow in our faith. In our ever-changing world, we strive for Ford Street to be a constant source of comfort and connection for all who need it.

We Answer the Call

Warm-hearted and generous of spirit, we answer the call when help is needed. Mission work is core to who we are, and it has been for generations. From stocking the shelves of our local food pantry to ensuring children have the necessary supplies needed for school, we strengthen one another within our community, because we know our community strengthens us. We believe it is our responsibility to humbly serve others and to lift up those who need support - no matter who they are and what their circumstances may be. We seek to live our Christian faith through loving service that extends from our doorsteps to the ends of the earth.

Still Resonating Beyond Our Walls

Like our church bell that was once a part of our original building, we have called generations of Christians to join us in worship, prayer, and study of the Bible. For more than 130 years, we have weathered the changes and challenges of our world and stood resilient in our unwavering faith and compassionate service to our community. Grounded in the past as we grow toward the future, Ford Street Church continues to adapt - embracing new ways of sharing our faith and venturing forth in order to welcome our friends and neighbors. Building from our rich legacy, we strive to apply our faith and values to the fast-paced and changing world in which we live so that the call to our community is still heard a century from now.

We are happily and proudly a ministry of the United Methodist Church.