New Sanctuary, New Season, New Vision

We are in a season of fulfilling a vision at Ford Street Church. For the last 5 years we have held to the vision of being a church that is “Knowing Jesus Christ Today, Growing Devoted Disciples, and Sowing Seeds of Faith for Tomorrow.” The outgrowth of this vision has been most visible in the… Read More »

It does kind of have a ring to it….

It was a different time. My grandfather grew up in household whose members only seldom darkened the door of a church. Nonetheless, in that era in rural Indiana Sunday morning was a time of rest. For this reason, he was granted greater freedom in his boyhood on Sunday mornings in particular. This gave him the… Read More »

It took more than one Knepp to build a sanctuary…

A week ago we heard the construction sounds early. This is not unusual right now. Our little neighborhood in Lapel is rattled by the sounds of hammers and backing trucks almost every morning thanks to construction underway at Ford Street Church. This morning was different, however. It was raining. AND there was a crane. A… Read More »