I am not disposed naturally to celebration. As soon as I accomplish or achieve something… as soon as I survive something… I’m ready to set the next goal and move on! Let’s go!

Yet, sometimes it is important to stop and celebrate and right now, it has been brought to my attention, we have some things really worth celebrating especially as they pertain to the Family Ministry Night (Sunday evenings)!

Faithful Regular Volunteers

On Sunday nights we have a whole host of small group leaders, children’s leaders, people who provide snacks and meals. We launched the Family Ministry Night 1 1/2 years ago and ever since we have had a consistent and reliable core group of volunteers who have helped make it meaningful and sustainable.

Deep Discussions

We have had countless deep discussions in the more than  20 small groups which have occurred since we started. People have gotton to know each other better and helped each other to walk more closely with Jesus Christ. Sometimes I just sit back after watching people share and build each other up and say, “Thank you LORD!” Love happens in these kind of discussions and I am truly thankful.

A Spirit of Innovation

The family ministry night has continued to breath a spirit of adaptability, innovation and experimentation into Ford Street Church. That idea didn’t work, let’s tweak it and try this. That idea found success, lets adjust it and make it better. I am constantly amazed how this little ministry helps us think beyond the walls and in constantly new and imaginative ways.


Because of folks giving to the “Growing to Serve” campaign, ministry with kids and youth during the Family Ministry Night will continue long after our Indiana Annual Conference Grant runs out which has helped us fund those children/youth ministries at a higher level for the sake of the Family Ministry Night. This ministry is heading towards sustainability, a difficult task for any new ministry!


I am thankful for how this ministry has occasionally reached new people and connected them to the kingdom of God. On this point, though, I am also thankful that there is PLENTY more opportunity to reach people still. This is in part because this ministry is designed, from start to finish, to reach people who are not currently connected to Ford Street Church. How can we expand our reach? Let me give you 3 simple ways:


Someone recently shared with me that a post from the Ford Street facebook page back around Christmas was shared about 8 times. These 8 “shares” garnered more than 1500 views of this post! We too seldom think about this, but when we share something on facebook it really adds to the reach of the kingdom of God, so SHARE Ford Street posts, podcasts, sermons, etc. on Social MEDIA!


Get to know a friend or neighbor in a real relationship, then make sure they know when a small group that pertains to them occurs. We have to really be intentional in loving and relating to others to share the gospel and to connect people.


Any Sunday night you can invite someone to discuss a podcast. Offer to buy their supper! Share the podcast! Invite a neighbor to church! You can do it, and why wouldn’t you- we have so much to CELEBRATE!

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