It took more than one Knepp to build a sanctuary…

It took more than one Knepp to build a sanctuary…

A week ago we heard the construction sounds early. This is not unusual right now. Our little neighborhood in Lapel is rattled by the sounds of hammers and backing trucks almost every morning thanks to construction underway at Ford Street Church.

This morning was different, however. It was raining. AND there was a crane. A crane had come up from Rushville to drop trusses in place. It was a Knepco Crane. I had never heard of the company, but I was suspicious so I quickly conducted a search via Google and determined the truth. The company was owned by another Knepp family (my last name is Knepp as well). Though I’d never heard of this family and would have no idea if they are related or how, there they were! And they were helping to build the sanctuary at Ford Street Church.

Immediately I thought to myself, Well, it takes more than one Knepp to build this church. I was probably too self-satisfied at my own internal remark. Then I thought a bit about it and realized that there is more to be said on the topic.

My role as your pastor is already well documented in this process, but most of you don’t see all that my wife does and has done to bring us to this day.

She is the one who reigns in my crazy. She gives me the firm footing I need to serve you well. She is always ready with an idea and always a great partner in refining what ideas come to mind. She is always faithful to the task. She is a constant source of empathy for you all, when I go home frustrated. She is always ready to help me see things from your perspective (even when I don’t want to!). She celebrates each of your victories, though never publicly. And though she has every right to voice her opinion on matters in disagreement, she has almost never done so.

I can’t think of tasks more essential to our shared work than some of the work she does of support for all of us, but her work is altogether invisible to most of you (but not to me). For her work she receives no pay, lives in a house that is not her own, and raises children under the constant threat of having to move them. But, let me state this with utmost emphasis: I wouldn’t be here with you today without her. It took more than one Knepp to build a family, and it has taken more than one to build a church.

Of course, its taking plenty more than Knepps too… Its taking you all in your generous giving, your sacrificial serving, your enthusiasm and sharing of invitations. It takes all of us… And I am thankful for each and every one of you! Most of all I am thankful for the Spirit of God which binds us all together and builds the real and true church, the church not build with human hands, but made of relationships with God and God’s people. Thank you all & Let us continue!


  1. Thank you Amy! You are an inspiration to me also. I miss the times we have talked and I miss seeing you as often as I would like. Know you are loved and I prayer for you. You are an amazing lady. I know you have a big part of our ministry. Continue to be his support, but remember you are loved for you!

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