We’re Always Excited to Welcome New Visitors


At Ford Street Church, we have values hold to be a part of our foundation as a church community.

We value being a community, open to all, founded in prayerful, encouraging relationships which spur each individual on to a deeper encounter with the love of God the Father.
We value the responsibility of the Church to give God glory in worship and to study the Bible, a witness to the person and work of Jesus Christ.
We value our role in offering a space where the mercy and hope of Jesus Christ is poured out and in reaching out in the power of the Holy Spirit, to the growing families with youth and children of our growing community of Lapel, Indiana and the surrounding areas.

At Ford Street Church, we're always excited to welcome new visitors. We hope you'll join us for a service, and we want to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Here's what you can expect when you come to either our 9:30 service or 10:45 a.m. Sunday School.

Our church is located at 925 Ford Street in Lapel Indiana, and parking is located in the church parking lot. If you have mobility restrictions or young children to carry, feel free to use one of the spots closest to the door. We like to keep them free for visitors and people who need assistance.

Please don't worry about what you'll wear to church, for we truly believe people should come to God as they are. You don't need to dress up to get his approval--that comes through Jesus' sacrifice. Once you walk in the doors, you'll see that the congregation has all types of people in all kinds of dress. While a few people in the church wear ties, others like to remind them that Jesus never wore a tie. Shorts are as welcome as suits, and you'll see both.

When you walk in, find one of our greeters and introduce yourself.  They'll help you find the nursery and Sunday school rooms if you have kids. Our greeters can also point you to the restrooms, sanctuary and fellowship area. If you have any questions about the service itself, the greeters are able to provide helpful answers.

Be sure to hang around after the service and join us for Sunday School or coffee. You'll have a chance to meet our pastor and many other people in the church. We'd also love to get to know you so you're a familiar face the next time you come.